New York City electro-pop outfit Frances Rose consists of Sarah Frances and Michelle Rose Cagianese. As dual vocalists, songwriters, and producers, the sisters are known for a dynamic sound which deftly blends a wide range of influences including R&B, indie rock, grunge, and contemporary chart-pop. Growing up in the rural Hudson River Valley, Sarah and Michelle began their journey with classical instruments at age seven, with Sarah learning violin and Michelle the cello; blossomed into a songwriting duo as pop- and indie-obsessed teenagers; and further evolved in college, where Sarah performed acoustically, at Boston University, while Michelle studied performance and music, first at Bennington and then at the New School. In 2009, after graduation, the sisters reunited in New York City to forge Frances Rose as well as collaborate with other local producers and musicians. In early 2012 the group scored a well-received debut with the single “Vampire,” released on Kitsuné, and in 2013 they won the Deli Magazine competition for Best Emerging Artist. The following year they lit up the track “Questions” in collaboration with Brooklyn’s Chordashian. This fall the group will perform in New York City, including CMJ, in support of their upcoming debut EP, “Dreams Come True”. The sisters are joined by Christian Winter Campbell (guitar) and Miliken Gardener (drums) to fill out Frances Rose's moody, crystalline, grunge tinged brand of electro pop.

-Nicholas Shuit


"Romantinc-grunge-tinged electro-pop" -Nylon

"A-list pop" -MTV Iggy

"Haunting pop" -Paper Magazine

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